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Eye Exam Information

Part of keeping healthy involves having your eyes checked regularly by an ophthalmologist. Doctors Berg, Talansky, Turtel, Pardon and Chiang are board-certified ophthalmologists trained at some of the finest institutions for eye care in the world. Our eye examinations are comprehensive. They include a detailed evaluation of the health of all parts of the eye including glaucoma determinations, cataracts, retinal diseases, diabetic eye problems, muscle problems, eyelid disorders and possible involvement of the eyes in many diseases of the whole body. A refraction is performed as part of a comprehensive examination to determine if you need glasses or if your current eyeglass prescription is up to date. We incorporate the use of the very best technologic equipment including a wide array of diagnostic instruments for all aspects of the examination. Moreover, we have the latest computerized visual field testing devices and the new laser scanning retinal nerve fiber analyzer for our glaucoma evaluations, computerized topographic scanners for diagnosis of corneal diseases and for refractive surgery. Several of our examining rooms are specifically designed for the comprehensive evaluation of children's eye problems including crossed eye and other muscle disorders.

From a therapeutic standpoint, our office is equipped with lasers for treatment of retinal problems such as diabetic retinopathy and retinal tears, glaucoma management and the painless removal of cloudy membranes that sometimes occur after cataract surgery. Many minor surgical problems can also be treated within our office without the need for going to the hospital.

High level quality examinations take time. In particular, we usually dilate the pupils for a thorough retinal examination, and these drops often take a half hour or more to work. For this reason, we ask that you please allow two hours at the office if you are having a complete exam.