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Contact Lens Fitting

Our Contact Lens department, under the direction of Dr. Heidi Schulman, fits all types of contact lenses, clear and colored, including conventional soft lenses, disposables, and toric lenses for astigmatism. Multifocal contact lenses are also available so that in many cases, the need for reading glasses may also be reduced or eliminated. When indicated, we also fit the latest gas-permeable hard contact lenses both for cosmetic wear and for treatment of certain eye diseases. Prior to you being fit, we will perform a thorough eye examination to ensure that there are no eye diseases that might be a problem with contacts and that we can expect the kind of clear comfortable fit that you expect. Our fitting techniques are individualized to your own personal needs, and you may be assured that we will follow up on the initial fitting to make certain that there are no problems that could lead to later difficulties.

If you are interested in wearing contact lenses and have never worn them before, please call for an appointment for a complete eye examination first. If your eyes are healthy and you are a good candidate, we will then set up an appointment for an initial fitting session. Please understand that we cannot write down the prescription for your contact lenses until we actually go through the fitting process first. Once we have determined that the lens is sitting properly on your eye, providing you with clear vision, and not causing any medical problems, then, and only then, can we actually write down the prescription on paper. Prior to that, we really do not know what the prescription is (until the lens is actually fit to the eye).

If you are currently wearing contact lenses, we can evaluate the fit of them during the course of the regular eye exam. However, unless you can provide us with the actual specifications of your contacts (the brand, the lens model number, lens power and lens curvature), we cannot replace them. Once you give us this information, then new or replacement lenses or prescriptions can be provided. To save time, therefore, please try to have your contact lens information available at the time of your examination with us.


To ensure that your contact lenses do not cause you any problems, we suggest that you follow the guidelines below: